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Mantu: where an international community meets limitless opportunities, enabling everyone to make a sustainable impact. Our culture of empowerment, rooted in our story of growth and relentless pursuit of performance, drives each team member to not only fulfill their ambitions but also to effect meaningful change on society, businesses and the planet.

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Mantu by its team

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    There is a common point in all the candidates we are looking for; they have an entrepreneurial mindset and are willing to learn and evolve.

    Emylie Dumont
    Head of Internal Group Recruitment at Mantu
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    I had the opportunity to participate with the opening of new countries within Mantu.

    Claire Raynaud
    HR Director at Mantu
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    What I found interesting is even if you change from offices, teams or countries the spirit and culture at Mantu remains the same.

    Pierre Labroussaa
    Senior Account Manager at Portalia
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    By working at Mantu, you benefit from a flexible and international work environment.

    Auranne Ars
    Sustainability Analyst at Mantu
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    We need people who are eager to learn, who are comfortable to work in an international environment, and curious to face new challenges.

    Giunia Petrillo
    Senior Legal HR Officer at Mantu
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    What I immediately liked about Mantu is that they highly value entrepreneurial spirit and they really encourage and promote independence.

    Justine Scodellari
    Financial Director at LittleBig Connection
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