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Who we are?

WEMEAN was born out of a vision to transform the consulting industry. We are a Positive Consultancy firm.

WEMEAN works with leaders: developing meaningful and impactful organizational positioning and strategy, establishing growth and development models, generating positive impact, and contributing to the advancement of companies within society.

Working at WEMEAN

WEMEAN teams help define organizational purpose and direction, and amplify the impact of leaders and companies' actions in society.

What we are looking for?

WEMEAN's teams are committed to helping leaders and companies generate meaning and create real and lasting impact. 
Today, our team is composed of talented experts with diverse and complementary experiences. What unifies us more than anything is our conviction that helping organizations promote their contributions and projects is an exciting and valuable endeavour. WEMEAN assists all employees in creating trademark personal projects, both inside and outside of work!