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LittleBig Connection


Who are we?

The world of work has been transforming at an incredible speed.  Corporations are searching beyond their walls for new skills, while smaller firms and freelancers are demanding greater freedom and new possibilities.
At LittleBig Connection, we create a direct, transparent link between all stakeholders, big and little.
We establish seamless relationships by bringing together the right people with the right profiles, so they can team up more easily than ever before.

Working at LittleBig Connection

At LittleBig Connection, we rally around three values –  the pillars of our mindset and the way we work.
  1. 1/ Our culture is based on mutual trust and the freedom to unleash our people' s full potential.
  2. 2/ Our strength lies in our openness. We are a truly open-minded, free-spirited and diverse team – and we are proud to be that way.  Our mix of nationalities, cultures and expertise is our strength.
  3. 3/ Finally, we are passionate about our business, and we make no secret of our ambitions.To achieve them, we learn through experience and believe that action is the best way to acquire new knowledge. Yet, performance must never compromise responsibility. We have put in place a solid foundation to ensure that our activities respect our people, our planet and our partners, as we work together to achieve sustainable growth.

What are we looking for?

Whether you are a Business Developer, a Product Owner or a Community Manager, in France or abroad, we are looking for passionate and open-minded people who are not afraid to take initiative and to work hand in hand with colleagues from all over the world with varying areas of expertise to build tomorrow's world of work!

Joining LittleBig Connection means joining an international and motivated team that is not afraid to face new challenges together!