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What we offer to our talent

We focus on encouraging people to build their own highly personalized career plan, and we tailor our international opportunities to match their needs.

Skills Development

Our Talent Development Department creates training programs tailored to each role, taking into account cultural specificities to grow our team members’ skills at a local and global level. By communicating our values and know-how, we coach and help our talent to develop their management, technical, and functional skills.

Customized Career Development

The aim of our Talent Development Department is to provide career path visibility and to outline long-term development opportunities within our company. This department helps match Mantu’s business needs with our talents’ expectations.

International Careers

Our International Mobility teams help our people build international careers. The potential for relocation to one of our 80 offices is a key benefit for co-workers as well as our business.

A Sense of Belonging

At Mantu, we empower our Brands to focus on delivering customer-centric value propositions. Whatever their sector or area of expertise, all our brands share a single mission – build and nurture the best talent community to achieve business aims and entrepreneurial ambitions.

Your talent at Mantu

At Mantu, we understand that society is undergoing a profound mutation, affecting the way we live, and of course, the way we work. Along with the consequences of digital transformation, there’s another challenge on the horizon: 18-30 year olds will represent 50% of the global workforce, and 75% in the next 5 years. We trust these digital generations to build a global company.

For these ‘digital natives’, flexibility, independence and innovation are key. We believe that the people who shape and understand the world are best placed to support our customers. At Mantu, this generation already represents the vast majority of our workforce, and not just in the rank-and-file, but also in management roles: we believe in giving young people responsibilities from the word go.

This means challenging our corporate model and pushing boundaries to build an environment where they can thrive. Our values combined with our teams’ aspirations to give rise to an ‘intrapreneurial’ ecosystem, characterized by constant innovation and an ambition to grow.





Mantu bolsters business growth, enables entrepreneur development and supports company transformation.

We believe that businesses are above all a human adventure that carries the world forward – that’s why entrepreneurship is the world’s biggest transformation lever.

We exist to generate opportunities for a vast talent community and pass on our boldness and our entrepreneurial culture and spirit.